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Why this Website ?
Originally I set up this homepage to exchange huge amounts of pictures without having to use email. In 2004 I started to sort the pictures and made them available via menus and thumbnail galleries.
Mid 2006 I wanted to add some new bikes to the site, but it was clear that the existing structure of the page was not the right platform for more information. So I had to rethink and redesign the whole concept of the page.

What can be found ?
The biggest part of the page is still pictures of our motorcycles. How they looked when we bought them, when they were in the restoration process and of course when they were finished. There is not much text or explanations. If you are looking for a detailed restoration manual, sorry, then you are on the wrong site.
If you just need a picture or idea, that helps to get your bike back together again, then you might find what you are looking for. And if not, send me an email ( Webmaster ) or use the Contact Form. I have lots more pictures than shown on these pages. Advise me about your question or the picture you are looking for, and I will gladly try to find it or tell you where you might get it. For detailed technical help I would recommend the discussion boards on the Internet. There you should find the help you need.
But I surely realised, that completely without text the site would not work, so I created the Info part in each bike section. Here I tell the story how I came about the bike, and what happened after I bought it.
New on this page is the part about tools. The English and German versions are each a little bit different, because a friend of mine (Thanks to Richard Sheckler, Wayne, Ohio USA) modified the English version to correspond to an American point of view. Professionals may not be as interested, but for newcomers this would be a good inspiration about what to put in the workshop and what not. Included is a section of home-made tools and helpers, that can save costs for expensive tools or make a difficult job more easy.

What, how and where to find
The Sitemap shows the layout of the whole page. Schlingels is available in German and in English, but the menus are mainly dedicated to the selected language, the pages itself often have both languages side by side. All Items linked on the home page have no links between them. If you want to go to another topic, you have to go back to the home page first. (Use the home button in the menu on the left side)
The tools section is not dedicated to a specific motorcycle, so it found it's place on the main page too.
All pages for the bikes have the same structure. On the left the navigation menu, and on the right the text or pictures. Every bike starts with the Details topic. Depending on how far / how much I have done already on the bikes, the content of the Details section varies. The BMW R51/3 has close to nothing, because I did not start doing anything on it, but the BK 350, the R25/3 and the A 580-I have a lot of topics shown. The topic Media offers you some sound and video files of each bike. The topic Infos brings you to the pages where I talk about how I found the bikes, and what happened after that. On top of each page you will find all bikes in chronological order. So if you want to read the other stories, you can jump there directly, but you will stay in the same menu of the bike from where you opened the Info page.

Attention !
Most of what i have written on these pages, is based either on personal experience, or from the datasheets of the various manufactures. I have had no problems with it so far, but this doesn't mean that everything is correct.
Therefore, i take no responsibility of what may happen to you or your bike while using information from this site.

But now lets get going and enjoy the pages

Isabel und Holger

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